Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tickets to Bora Bora booked alredy !

OK! Tickets to Bora Bora booked!
London 19 Oct - 3 days in  Los Angeles 23 Oct - Papeete 24 Oct- 24 OctBora Bora 7 night - then leave Bora Bora 1 Nov - Papeete -Auckand - Sydney - London.
Fly Ticket price £2,216
I decide also use this trip for flying world around,so ill be back from Bora Bora through
Papeete - Aucland -Sydney - Hong Kong - London ,also I save 2 days if  iflying this way

       Around the world trip plan  with 7 days stay in Bora Bora. Costs and Dates.
                                  Around the world trip plan with Bora Bora      .


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