Monday 28 October 2013

Bora Bora it is worth to go there?

Of course it was worth go there. Beautiful  different colours of crystal clear water in one place.Stunning view for island from lagoon.Its very expensive place ,shops are located in main island you can buy everything.I have meet lot of people which come to Bora Bora with tent (about 25 euro for camping place),and i think its the best idea.
Water taxi cost about 10 euro p/p from main island to motu(lagoon area),beer 3-4 euro in shop, 6-8 in hotels,2 scramble eggs in hotel 6 euro ,generally shops prices are tolerable but resort prices are terrible high.

Video from my holidays in Bora Bora:

Here is prices and surprises or what you shouldn't expect in Bora Bora:
Another beautiful video from Bora Bora:

Snorkeling around Bora Bora :
Vaitape - main city in Bora Bora ,relatively cheap food and drinks in supermarket

Best things to do:
Swimming with sharks - best things to do in Bora Bora 100 euro p/p
Helicopter fly - 250 euro p/p its only one place where its worth to do,need to be sunny day.
Island hoping -100 euro p/p its usually included swimming and feeding sharks


Bora Bora photos: